Regional Resilience Planning Lab

Research Activities
Our research intends to provide inputs for planning policies that aim to make cities and regions more resilient against natural disasters. We provide data, tools and methods to regions to adapt and respond properly to natural disasters for disaster impact reduction. We also explore mechanisms and theories to recover better from disasters by addressing social and economic issues existed prior to disasters. The foci of our research is three-fold: (1) investigate impacts of natural disasters on socioeconomic activities and explore rebuilding processes using quantitative and qualitative techniques; (2) theorize and conceptualize recovery plans and governance mechanisms focused on customized rebuilding plans that address existing safety issues exacerbated by disasters; (3) explore effective land use patterns and transportation infrastructure layouts to reduce direct damage from disasters and to provide effective support when the disaster hits. Our work is both in Japan and abroad (Asia, Europe, Americas). We hope our research and activities on city and regional planning as well as transportation infrastructure planning and management will contribute to making our living spaces more resilient. 
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