International Strategy for Disaster Mitigation Lab

Research Activities
The International Strategy for Disaster Mitigation Laboratory (ISDM), one of the research fields of Disaster Humanities and Social Science Division at IRIDeS, aims to contribute to the development and implementation of international frameworks for DRR and urban recovery. Based on the analysis and consideration of various characteristics of the targeted regions and countries from an interdisciplinary perspective, the lab will conduct researches to identify and clarify existing problems and issues in the phases of the pre-disaster (risk management and DRR strategy) and the post-disaster (recovery and reconstruction strategies) as well as  investigate comprehensive risk management, DRR, recovery strategy, and international collaboration that is most suitable to natural, economic, and social conditions at the regional and country levels. 
The lab also focuses on the roles of various stakeholders such as academia, NGOs, international organizations, the private sector, local governments and communities for the implementation of the Sendai Framework for DRR and SDGs. In addition, it conducts research on an all-hazards risk management that targets not only natural hazards, but also chemical, industrial, biological and man-made hazards.
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