Disaster Medical Science Division

Division Head: CHIDA Koichi
Research Activities
The mission of Division of Medical Science is to promote the acute and chronic medical and public health research in large scale disaster and to establish international standardized disaster medicine.
 This division is composed of eight subdivisions including International Cooperation for Disaster Medicine, Disaster Gynecology and Obstetrics, Disaster Related Infectious Disease, Disaster Psychiatry, Disaster Radiology, Disaster Public Health, Disaster Medical Information, Disaster Oral Science and promoting the following research fields.

1.Establishment of disaster medicine and public health to deal with large scale disaster.
2.Solution of physical and mental health in disaster
3.Basic, clinical and epidemiological research on post-disaster health surveillance and promotion of community public health
4.Promotion of correct education and training about radioactivity and exposure to radiation.
5.Establishment of international research center on disaster medicine and public health.
6.Establishment of disaster proof medical information and command controls.
7.Development of new-generation of medical science in cooperation with Tohoku Medical Megabank to promote the health resilience of affected community.

 We have dispatched three investigation teams to Philippines to survey medical and public health damage by Typhoon Haiyan in Nov. 2013. Damages to the hospital, outbreaks of infectious diseases, mental health care in the affected area was investigated. Collaborative research was carried out with the local institutions including University of Philippines Manila, Angeles, University, Department of Health, WHO, Embassy of Japan, JICA and Red Cross Association.
 We hosted the International Symposium on Disaster Medical and Public Health Management in Washington DC on May 21-22, 2014, aiming at the reflection of opinions of health professionals that “Health” is to be prioritized in the post-Hyogo Framework for Action in the 3rd World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction.
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