Practical Research and Collaboration Division

Division Head: SATO Takeshi
Research Activities
Through regional and international cooperation, the division contributes to disaster risk reduction measures through the implementation of research outcomes of all four divisions of IRIDeS, including its own members. Specifically, the division conducts practical research on capacity building and education for disaster risk reduction, building back better, formation of resilient communities, realization of evidence-based disaster risk reduction policies, and proposes business continuity plans in the event of a disaster, and measures to prevent the spread of infectious diseases in the event of a disaster. Utilizing new knowledge on disaster risk reduction obtained from other research divisions, the division also encourages international research collaboration, towards the development of joint research and academic results. Overall, the division contributes to the implementation of the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction by widely disseminating research outcomes through platforms such as the Miyagi Roundtable Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction, World Bosai Forum, and other major academic and UN conferences on disaster risk reduction both in Japan and abroad.
"Study Tour of World Bosai Forum 2017: At Arahama Elementary School, Sendai, Designated as Remains of the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami"
This photo was provided by the City of Sendai
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