Disaster Resilient Society Promotion Lab

Research Activities
We research methods to promote a disaster resilient society, and we are engaged in practical activities for its realization.
In this Lab we research on the Great East Japan Earthquake and other disasters in various regions by conducting analysis and survey on the activities of organizations, the response of the affected communities, the effects of policies and laws/ordinances, the social/economic trends, and disaster information. Based on these findings, we study and conduct practical activities to promote disaster resilience both in local communities and in society at large. Our activities include: improvement of disaster management laws and systems; effective disaster management planning; dissemination and review of business continuity plans; promotion of disaster resilient town development; establishment of disaster management cooperation between industry, government, academia and private sector; realization of appropriate disaster communication; dissemination of disaster lessons, etc. in all phases of preparation, emergent response, recovery and reconstructions.
In cooperation with the Graduate School of Economics and Management, we push forward the “Regional Industry Restoration Research Project,” aiming to reconstruct industries in Tohoku region and increase regional economic resilience. We study, propose and disseminate a vision of regional industries and local economy. In addition, we try to have a view of new social system through grasping real situations of resident life and structure of consciousness including community welfare, health and medicine.
Disaster Management and Business Continuity Management
Reports of the Regional Industry Restoration Research Project
Research and Analysis of Disaster Response and Proposal Based on These
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