Earthquake Engineering Lab

Research Activities
We are developing a seismic observation network, seismic motion evaluation, building structure monitoring, and a next-generation seismic protective systems for buildings in order to further increase the earthquake resistance of buildings and reduce human and property damage. We have 15 real-time observation points in buildings in Japan and 5 in Mongolia, which can observe continuously from microtremors to strong earthquakes. Based on this information, we are developing a highly accurate subsoil structure model for long-period ground motion evaluation and a seismic micro-zoning method using a regional strong-motion observation network.
For building structure monitoring, we are also working on the evaluation of building vibration characteristics by long-term continuous observation, computer vision technology using low-cost cameras, and the development of advanced algorithms for structural property estimation.
We are also developing next-generation seismic protective systems based on the theory of rate-independent linear damping as a countermeasure technology against long-period seismic motion and mega-earthquakes that are concerned to occur in the future, and are developing advanced structural testing techniques to evaluate the performance of these systems.
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